Beautiful Boudoir Bed remeshed, recolored, and repacked + 7 recolors

Hello guys!
Today I bring you the Beautiful Boudoir Bed from the Indulgent Living set. This bed was originally converted by The Ninth Wave Sims, so I give him a credit. Although I changed pretty much everything, the bed still has TNW's GUID which means that you can have only 1 (his or my) version of this bed in your game. The recolors I made are going to work with both beds.
The changes include: added S3 matching name, description, and price of the bed; original texture (TNW made this bed look rather medieval, which I totally love, but I play a modern time hood, so I made the bed look modern too); changed comfort and energy ratings for higher ones. I also shifted the mesh a little.

So, guys, if you want to keep TNW's version with my recolors, delete the mesh from this download. If you want to have this version instead, delete TNW's mesh, otherwise the beds can conflict with each other.
TNW's page with his bed is here :

Download here:
Have a wonderful day!
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The Big Trade-Off

Recently I participated in Trapping's awesome Sims 2 Trade-Off thebigtradeoff, and I made a gift for bunheadsbuns. That's what I made - Edwardian Expressions Kitchen Set from the Sims 3 Store.

The trading community is open for everyone, and all downloads are shared and free. So if you want to download this kitchen set or many more wonderful things for the Sims 2, go here thebigtradeoff, and it will make your day!
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Jazz Age items S3 to S2 conversion

Hello guys!
Today I bring you the requested conversions of this wonderful Store's set.

Have a nice day!

Download here:

The rest of the set you can find here:
and here:
I am sure I saw a converted radio from this set somewhere, but I can't remember where. Can anybody help?
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