Sweet Treats Furniture S3 to S2 conversions + More

Hi guys!
Today I bring you some the Sims 3 Sweet Treats SP furniture conversions. No you can definitely build a decent cafe!
The eclair coffee table is from the Showtime EP; the chairs are from the base game and very similar to the ones from the Sims 2, but I wanted these chairs to have colors like those in the hangout that came with SP, and I had a hard time recoloring the original S2 chairs, so I cloned these from S3. The chairs come in 11 of Aelia's colors. The cupcake chairs are the living room chairs.

Have a nice day!
Download here: http://www.mediafire.com/?945mc3k6qkblrqc
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Load of Random S3 to S2 Conversions

Hi guys again!
Here's some stuff which doesn't belong to any of my sets, so I upload it just as load 2.
The cabinet is from the Provance set; 3 Tvs, the big plant are from the Store's free promotion set; the small plant is from the Regency set; the painting is from the Casino set; the tables are from some EPs; the bubble bath is from the base game. Some items have recolors.

Download here: http://www.mediafire.com/?7d4i24gq5icl7x2
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Summer Gift

Hello guys!
Today I'm happy to present you my summer gift for your sims!
I hope you (and your sims) have a wonderful summer!
Here in Upper Michigan, the weather is really nice and warm, and I crave for ice cream more than I should. I decided to serve some ice cream for my sims too.
The plates with ice cream are half-conversions from the Sims 3 - half-creations of my own. I just used the Sims 3 meshes and textures to create a new object. These are deco objects found in misc folder.
The second part of my gift is 7 recolors of the Freezer Bunny painting. I like the bunny very much and think we should have more of him!
Have a nice day!
Download here: https://www.box.com/s/a1c1c5094ec19864eab4
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Urban Window S3 to S2 conversion

Hi guys!
I'm thrilled to tell you that I learned how to convert windows! It was very exciting but more complicated than objects from buy catalog. So here comes my first window - the Urban Window. It's cheap - 75 simoleons, and it comes with 5 basic recolors.
I included the key multiplier image in the download, and I REALLY hope somebody will make good recolors for this window.

Download here: https://www.box.com/s/7424114fe4214c58ebda
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Outdoor living Stuff S3 to S2 conversion

Hello guys!
I got the Outdoor Living Stuff catalog yesterday, so today I bring you some converted goodies.
The chairs, lounge chairs, and dining chairs have separate recolors for cushions and wood/metal, so you can mix and match them. The TV and the table have 2 recolors each. There are also 3 deco items: a lemonade pitcher, a serving dish, and a beverage cart, which are not very well seen. The small coffee table is not from the set but from the Sims 2. I know I suck at making previews, so bear with me please ;).
The TV requires a 3-tile TV from the Apartments Life.

I hope you enjoy this set!
Download here: http://www.mediafire.com/?pphqh67yjevaezw
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