Terms of use and stuff

1. I don't own any meshes. All meshes are owned by other creators, EA Games, or Maxis.
2. If you want to use the meshes I convert, or anything from this LJ, you don't need to ask my permission or give me any credit.
3. Everything was, is, and will always be free in this LJ.
4. Sometimes I screw the thing up and upload broken stuff. I play often, so when I notice something wrong, I fix it, re-upload it, post a new link at that post, and make a red re-download notice. If you see a crippled object, first, check its post; maybe I already fixed it. If not, please let me know.
5. If you make recolors for the objects I converted, you can send me a link to them, and I will put that link in the object's post.
6. I currently do not take requests.

Storefront Set converted from the Sims 3 University


The set includes 6 items: 1x1 simple window; 1x1 storefront window; 2x1 storefront window; 1x1 storefront door; cafe sign; menu recolor for a sandwich board. All building items have 3 matching recolors each.

The cafe sign is available only in community building mode. It glows in the dark.

The menu board’s mesh is included.

Download here: https://www.box.com/s/dafj794j2vh8wsb3qh3y

Piano Keyboard S3toS2 conversion

Hi guys!
I'm back with a gift!
It's a piano keyboard conversion + 13 recolors.
I had an absolutely wonderful wedding season in my neighborhood. 14 weddings for Generation 5 residents, and one of them was kind of like a royal wedding. Thus, begins my 5th generation round.

It's fully functional, but there can be a problem with lack of sound when a sim "performs for tips".


Download here: https://www.box.com/s/gc8o49b2t9q2volqkhgq
Have fun!
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2x2 Round rug recolors

Hi guys!
Recently I found 200+ rugs textures, so now I'm making some recolors of Maxis rugs.
Tonight I offer you 25 recolors of the 2x2 Royal First Rug (the one with a rooster on it). You have this rug if you have the Seasons EP.


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Download here: https://www.box.com/s/7x727891p89he99f5wt8

If you have problems with these recolors being too dark, delete the old files and download these instead : http://www.mediafire.com/?1zo7vhd290270x9